The House of Sleep

Literary Satire Fiction

Author: Jonathan Coe

Winner of the Writers’ Guild Best Fiction Award in England and the Prix Médicis in FranceLike a surreal and highly caffeinated version of The Big Chill, Jonathan Coe’s new novel follows four students who knew each other in college in the eighties. Sarah is a narcoleptic who has dreams so vivid she mistakes them for real events. Robert has his life changed forever by the mi….Read More

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At a time when people are looking back on the 1970s with nostalgia, Jonathan Coe's The Rotters' Club is a timely reminder of how ghastly that benighted decade was in… Continue Reading Posted in: American Humorous Fiction, Bildungsromans, Literary Satire Fiction, Satire, School Children

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The Winshaw Legacy or What a Carve Up!

A postmodern detective story, a scathing send-up of the rapacious eighties, a macabre Gothic - all rolled up in a bravura tragicomic entertainment. The Winshaw family, as their official biographer… Continue Reading Posted in: England, Families, Literary Satire Fiction, Political Fiction

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