The Iliad & The Odyssey

Author: Homer

Two of the greatest adventure stories of all time, these timeless epics of war, duty, honor, and revenge are filled with magic, mystery, and an assortment of gods and goddesses who meddle freely in the affairs of men. The Iliad recounts the war between the Trojans and Achaeans and the personal and tragic struggle of the fiery-tempered Achilles. The Odyssey chronicles Odyss….Read More

8 Books Similar to The Iliad & The Odyssey

Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future

After kicking open the doors to twentieth-century philosophy in Thus Spake Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche refined his ideal of the superman with the 1886 publication of Beyond Good and Evil. Conventional… Continue Reading Posted in: Abstract Or Summary, Bibliography, German, Philosophy, Philosophy of Good & Evil

The Divine Comedy, Vol. 2: Purgatory

_The Divine Comedy_ is perhaps the greatest Christian classic ever written, and probably the greatest adventure story ever told. Dante wrote it to entertain, guide, and enrich ordinary readers, not… Continue Reading Posted in: Christianity, Death, Fiction, Grief & Loss Poetry, Italian Poetry, Poems

Being and Time

One of the most important philosophical works of our time, a work that has had tremendous influence on philosophy, literature, and psychology, and has literally changed the intellectual map of… Continue Reading Posted in: Being, Bibliography

The Paradiso

Following The Inferno (6/01) and The Purgatorio (7/01), both published by Signet, this is the final canticle in Dante's immortal representation of the ultimate goal of human striving -- the… Continue Reading Posted in: Bibliography, Characters, Paradiso. English

Common Sense

Among the most influential authors and reformers of his age, Thomas Paine (1737–1809) was born in England but went on to play an important role in both the American and… Continue Reading Posted in: English Language, History, History & Theory of Politics, Politics And Government, U.S. Colonial Period History

The Odyssey

Sing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twists and turnsdriven time and again off course, once he had plunderedthe hallowed heights of Troy.So begins Robert Fagles' magnificent… Continue Reading Posted in: Bibliography, Epic Poetry, Greek Literature, Greek Translations Into English

The Aeneid

The Aeneid – thrilling, terrifying and poignant in equal measure – has inspired centuries of artists, writers and musicians.Part of the Macmillan Collector’s Library; a series of stunning, clothbound, pocket… Continue Reading Posted in: Latin Poetry Translations Into English, Rome (Empire), Virgil

The Iliad

One of the foremost achievements in Western literature, Homer's Iliad tells the story of the darkest episode of the Trojan War. At its center is Achilles, the greatest warrior-champion of… Continue Reading Posted in: Bibliography, European Poetry, Fiction, Middle East Troy (Extinct City)

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