The Postmortal

Point B (a teleportation love story)

Author: Drew Magary

John Farrell is about to get “The Cure.”Old age can never kill him now.The only problem is, everything else still can…Imagine a near future where a cure for aging is discovered and-after much political and moral debate-made available to people worldwide. Immortality, however, comes with its own unique problems-including evil green people, government euthanasia programs,….Read More

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The Sparrow

In 2019, humanity finally finds proof of extraterrestrial life when a listening post in Puerto Rico picks up exquisite singing from a planet that will come to be known as… Continue Reading Posted in: Linguists, Metaphysical Science Fiction eBooks, Science Fiction, Sex Role, Time Travel Science Fiction

Lovecraft Country

The critically acclaimed cult novelist makes visceral the terrors of life in Jim Crow America and its lingering effects in this brilliant and wondrous work of the imagination that melds… Continue Reading Posted in: Black & African American Historical Fiction (Books), Black & African American Horror Fiction (Books)

Her Body and Other Parties

In Her Body and Other Parties, Carmen Maria Machado blithely demolishes the arbitrary borders between psychological realism and science fiction, comedy and horror, fantasy and fabulism. While her work has… Continue Reading Posted in: LGBT Literary Fiction, LGBT Science Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction, Women Identity

Helen and Troy’s Epic Road Quest

Witness the epic battle of the cyclops!Visit the endangered dragon preserve! Please, no slaying.Solve the mystery of The Mystery Cottage, if you dare!Buy some knick knacks from The Fates! They… Continue Reading Posted in: Humor & Satire, Paranormal & Urban, United States


Memory makes reality.That’s what New York City cop Barry Sutton is learning as he investigates the devastating phenomenon the media has dubbed False Memory Syndrome—a mysterious affliction that drives its… Continue Reading Posted in: Science Fiction Adventure, Technothrillers

The Water Knife

In the American Southwest, Nevada, Arizona, and California skirmish for dwindling shares of the Colorado River. Into the fray steps Angel Velasquez, leg-breaker, assassin, and spy. A Las Vegas water… Continue Reading Posted in: Dystopias, United States, West

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