The Restraint Of Beasts

Author: Magnus Mills

The news couldn’t be worse for Tam, Richie and their new supervisor: Mr McCrindle’s fence has gone slack. The three of them are duly dispatched to the McCrindle farm, where they finish off the work, then go to England where, after rain-sodden days bashing in fence posts, they wolf down baked beans in their shared caravan and spend their evenings and cash in the local pub…..Read More

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All Quiet on the Orient Express

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Morvern Callar

It is off-season in a remote Highland sea port: twenty-one-year-old Morvern Callar, a low-paid employee in the local supermarket, wakes one morning to find her strange boyfriend has committed suicide… Continue Reading Posted in: Arts & Photography, Psychological Fiction, Scotland, Scottish Fiction

The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book

A powerful and historically accurate graphic portrayal of Indigenous peoples' resistance to the European colonization of the Americas, beginning with the Spanish invasion under Christopher Columbus and ending with the… Continue Reading Posted in: History, Nonfiction, Sequential Art

England, England

Visionary tycoon Sir Jack Pitman builds replicas of all the major tourist attractions on the Isle of Wight, from Stonehenge to Manchester United. The project is monstrous, risky and vastly… Continue Reading Posted in: England Isle Of Wight, Fiction, Satire

The Beach

The Khao San Road, Bangkok - first stop on the backpacker trail. On Richard's first night there a fellow traveller slits his wrists, leaving Richard a map to "the Beach".The… Continue Reading Posted in: Beach Travel, Fiction, Sea Adventures Fiction, Thailand, Travelers

The Blackwater Lightship

In Blackwater in the early 1990s, three women - Dora Devereux, her daughter Lily and her granddaughter Helen - have come together after years of strife and reached an uneasy… Continue Reading Posted in: Bereavement, Contemporary British & Irish Literature, Family Relationships, LGBT Literary Fiction, Social Life And Customs

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