The Shadow of the Torturer

Author: Gene Wolfe

The first volume of a masterpiece – Usula K. Le GuinThe Earth is old and the sun is dying. In the great Citadel of the City Imperishable, Severian, apprentice of the torturers’ guild, betrays his oath. Exiled, Severian begins his phantasmagoric odyssey through the dark and perilous world of the deep, distant future.A spectacular achievement – The TimesTotally original, new….Read More

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Black Sun Rising

THE POWER OF THE FAE...Over a millenium ago, Erna, a seismically active yet beautiful world was settled by colonists from far-distant Earth. But the seemingly habitable planet was fraught with… Continue Reading Posted in: Action & Adventure Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Good And Evil, Human Alien Encounters, Life On Other Planets

The Oracle’s Queen

Under the rule of a usurper king, the realm of Skala has suffered famine, plague, and invasion. But now the time for the rightful heir has come, a return to… Continue Reading Posted in: Paranormal Fiction, Science Fiction

The Urth of the New Sun

The long awaited sequel to Gene Wolfe’s four-volume classic, The Book of the New Sun. We return to the world of Severian, now the Autarch of Urth, as he leaves… Continue Reading Posted in: American Writers, Fantasy, Fiction In English, Genetic Engineering Science Fiction, Science Fiction Adventures

The Golden Torc

Exiled beyond the time-portal into the world of six million years ago, the misfits of the 22nd century are enmeshed in the age-old war of two alien races. In this… Continue Reading Posted in: Action & Adventure Fantasy, American Writers, Fiction In English, Time Travel Science Fiction

I, Claudius

Into the 'autobiography' of Clau-Clau-Claudius, the pitiful stammerer who was destined to become Emperor in spite of himself, Graves packs the everlasting intrigues, the depravity, the bloody purges and mounting… Continue Reading Posted in: 10 B.C. 54 A.D, Biographical Fiction, Claudius, Emperor Of Rome, Historical Biographical Fiction, History, Literature & Fiction

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