The Strangers in the House

Author: Georges Simenon

Dirty, drunk, unloved, and unloving, Hector Loursat has been a bitter recluse for eighteen long years—ever since his wife abandoned him and their newborn child to run off with another man. Once a successful lawyer, Loursat now guzzles burgundy and buries himself in books, taking little notice of his teenage daughter or the odd things going on in his vast and ever-more-dila….Read More

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The Red and the Black

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Night of the Shifter’s Moon

With the Royal Scepter in hand, Princess Arianna and her unicorn are armed with Royal Magic. They are ready to reclaim the throne and conquer evil. Continue Reading Posted in: Children's, Fantasy


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Iron in the Soul

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The Man Who Watched the Trains Go by

Kees Popinga is an average man, a solid citizen who might enjoy a game of chess in the evening. But one night, this model husband and devoted father discovers his… Continue Reading Posted in: International Mystery & Crime (Books), Noir Crime

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