The Ultimate Good Luck


Author: Richard Ford

In this novel of menace and eroticism, Richard Ford updates the tradition of Conrad for the age of cocaine smuggling. The setting is Oaxaca, Mexico, where Harry Quinn has come to free his girlfriend’s brother, Sonny, from Jail and, ideally, to get him away form the suavely sadistic drug dealer who suspects Sonny of having cheated him.,,”His prose has a taut, cinematic quali….Read More

13 Books Similar to The Ultimate Good Luck

The Alteration

Hubert Anvil is a 10 year old boy blessed with the voice of an angel. The Church hierarchy decrees that Hubert should be turned into a castrato - an alteration… Continue Reading Posted in: Choirboys, Humorous Science Fiction (Books), Satire

A Piece of My Heart

Ford's mesmerizing first novel is the story of two godless pilgrims. Robard Hewes has driven across the country in the service of a destructive passion. Sam Newell is seeking the… Continue Reading Posted in: American Fiction, Arkansas

Past Remembering

This title is sixth in Catrin Collier's "Hearts of Gold" series. When Ronnie Ronconi returns home from wartime Italy in 1941, he is certain he will never look at a woman again.… Continue Reading Posted in: Romance

The Good Times

These 20 first-person narratives portray ordinary people in a language that makes glory of their lives. The narrators are men and boys who come face to face with uncomfortable truths,… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Short Stories

The Lay Of The Land

Frank Bascombe is now in his late middle age. Recovering from cancer, he looks back on his marriages, friendships, children and career. Continue Reading Posted in: Bascombe, Comedic Dramas & Plays, Family Life Fiction, Frank (Fictitious Character), Patients, Real Estate Agents

Isobel’s Wedding

Four hundred and twenty pearls hand-sewn onto the wedding dress. The Mediterranean honeymoon booked for months. A pile of presents bigger than Everest. And her lovely Tim, the most perfect… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Scar Tissue

In SCAR TISSUE Anthony Kiedis, charismatic and highly articulate frontman of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, recounts his remarkable life story, and the history of the band itself. Raised in… Continue Reading Posted in: Biography, Rock Groups, Rock Musicians

Doghouse Roses

Steve Earle is widely regarded as one of the finest narrative songwriters in the world. These stories, peopled with addicts, hitchhikers, singers, Vietnam vets and drug smugglers, reflect the many… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Music, Short Stories

Independence Day: Resurgence: The Official Movie Novelization

OFFICIAL NOVELIZATION TO THE EAGERLY AWAITED BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE SEQUEL, INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE, ,We always knew they were coming back. After INDEPENDENCE DAY redefined the event movie genre, the next epic chapter… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Science Fiction

The Sportswriter

As a sportswriter, Frank Bascombe makes his living studying people--men, mostly--who live entirely within themselves. This is a condition that Frank himself aspires to. But at thirty-eight, he suffers from… Continue Reading Posted in: American Fiction, United States


"First, I'll tell about the robbery our parents committed. Then about the murders, which happened later."Then fifteen-year-old Dell Parsons' parents rob a bank, his sense of normal life is forever… Continue Reading Posted in: Cosmic Background Radiation, Neutrino Astrophysics, Neutrino Interactions


Mohawk, New York, is one of those small towns that lie almost entirely on the wrong side of the tracks. Its citizens, too, have fallen on hard times. Dallas Younger,… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Man Woman Relationships

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