The Wanderers

Family Life Fiction (Books)

Author: Meg Howrey

In four years Prime Space will put the first humans on Mars. Helen Kane, Yoshi Tanaka, and Sergei Kuznetsov must prove they’re the crew for the job by spending seventeen months in the most realistic simulation ever created.Retired from NASA, Helen had not trained for irrelevance. It is nobody’s fault that the best of her exists in space, but her daughter can’t help placing….Read More

9 Books Similar to The Wanderers

The Cranes Dance

I threw my neck out in the middle of Swan Lake last night.So begins the tale of Kate Crane, a soloist in a celebrated New York City ballet company who… Continue Reading Posted in: Ballet Dancers, Sisters, Sisters Fiction, Women's Friendship Fiction

The Book of Speculation

A sweeping and captivating debut novel about a young librarian who is sent a mysterious old book, inscribed with his grandmother's name. What is the book's connection to his family?Simon… Continue Reading Posted in: Books And Reading, Brothers And Sisters, Carnivals

The Control of Nature

While John McPhee was working on his previous book, Rising from the Plains, he happened to walk by the engineering building at the University of Wyoming, where words etched in… Continue Reading Posted in: Environment, Nonfiction, Science

The Gone-Away World

About the 'neon fuzz': a note on the book jacket from designer Jason Booher..."When you read Harkaway's novel, a gigantic sense of weirdness and cool and doom surround the characters.… Continue Reading Posted in: Love Stories, Science Fiction

Sing, Unburied, Sing

A searing and profound Southern odyssey by National Book Award–winner Jesmyn Ward.In Jesmyn Ward’s first novel since her National Book Award–winning Salvage the Bones, this singular American writer brings the… Continue Reading Posted in: African American, African American Fantasy Fiction, Coming of Age Fantasy, Fantasy, Magical Realism

The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World War II

The incredible story of the young women of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, who unwittingly played a crucial role in one of the most significant moments in U.S. history. The Tennessee town… Continue Reading Posted in: Official Secrets, Tennessee Oak Ridge, United States

This Is How It Always Is

This is how a family keeps a secret…and how that secret ends up keeping them.This is how a family lives happily ever after…until happily ever after becomes complicated.This is how… Continue Reading Posted in: Family Life Fiction, LGBT Family Life Fiction, Literary, Literature & Fiction, Parents Of Transgender Children

In the Time of the Butterflies

It is November 25, 1960, and three beautiful sisters have been found near their wrecked Jeep at the bottom of a 150-foot cliff on the north coast of the Dominican… Continue Reading Posted in: 1924 1960, Fiction, Mirabal, Patria, Sisters

Stranger Than Fanfiction

Cash Carter is the young, world famous lead actor of the hit television Wiz Kids. When four fans jokingly invite him on a cross-country road trip, they are shocked that… Continue Reading Posted in: Action & Adventure, Depression & Mental Illness, Emotions & Feelings

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