Transmetropolitan: Spider’s Thrash

Dystopian Graphic Novels

Author: Warren Ellis

The hammer has come down on him, but outlaw journalist Spider Jerusalem has managed to stay one step ahead of his detractors — i.e., the President of the United States and his authoritarian lackeys in publishing and law enforcement. After losing his byline, bank account, and apartment, Jerusalem and his filthy assistants have legged it underground, the better to implement….Read More

7 Books Similar to Transmetropolitan: Spider’s Thrash

100 Bullets

100 BULLETS VOL 8: THE HARD WAY continues to unravel the tangled mystery of the Trust as Wylie Times becomes the latest Minuteman to be reactivated by the Trusts onetime… Continue Reading Posted in: Comic Strip, Crime, Etc.), Fantasy Comic Books, Mystery, Strips, Thriller & Suspense Graphic Novels

The Invisibles Vol. 3: Entropy in the UK

With the Invisibles' leader, King Mob, captured by the Archons' human agent Sir Miles, the whole Invisibles network is placed in jeopardy. If King Mob cannot stand the mental and… Continue Reading Posted in: Comic Strip, Etc.), Fantasy Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Strips

Preacher, Volume 4: Ancient History

An anthology of three graphic novels, Saint of Killers, The Good Old Boys, and the Story of You Know Who, as told by the preacher, the Reverend Jesse Custer. Continue Reading Posted in: Etc.), Fiction, Horror Comic Books, Horror Graphic Novels, Strips

Gun Machine

After a shootout claims the life of his partner in a condemned tenement building on Pearl Street, Detective John Tallow unwittingly stumbles across an apartment stacked high with guns. When… Continue Reading Posted in: Detective And Mystery Stories, Fiction, Private Investigator Mysteries, Private Investigators, Psychological Thrillers

Preacher, Volume 7: Salvation

In the wake of the apocalyptic events in Preacher: War in the Sun, the Reverend Jesse Custer's quest to find an absentee God takes an unexpected detour, one which leads… Continue Reading Posted in: Art History & Criticism, Etc.), Horror Comic Books, Strips

Preacher, Volume 2: Until the End of the World

In and of itself, the story of a man with one foot in Heaven and one foot in Hell is hardly original. But in the hands of Garth Ennis and… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Horror Graphic Novels, Horror Tales, How To Create Comics & Manga

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