Author: Chris Ryan

On the border of the United States and Mexico, a war is raging that can never be won by conventional means.,,The drug cartels are rampant. Their victims number in the tens of thousands. Men, women and children are butchered in the most obscene ways imaginable. Of all the cartels, the most violent is Los Zetas. Originally made up of former Mexican special forces turned bad, t….Read More

4 Books Similar to Warlord

Chris Ryan Extreme: Silent Kill

Northern Ireland, 1993. For high-flying MI5 officer Avery Chance the real war has only just begun. When Chance is abducted by the IRA's notorious Nutting Squad, her hopes lie in… Continue Reading

Black Ops

The Russian bear is stirring?and it's hungry? in the #1 'New York Times'?bestselling series? thrilling fifth novel. The first disturbing reports reached Delta Force Lieutenant Colonel Charley Castillo in the… Continue Reading Posted in: Military Thrillers (Kindle Store), Political Thrillers & Suspense

Head Hunters

Your career profile could be of interest to us. Would you please get in touch?Jérôme Carceville finds it impossible to resist such an email, especially when the invitation comes from… Continue Reading Posted in: Executives Recruiting, Suspense Fiction

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