Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth


Author: Stephen Jones

For decades, H. P. Lovecraft’s masterpiece of terror has inspired writers with its gripping account of a village whose inhabitants have surrendered to an ancient and hideous evil. In this companion to the acclaimed anthology Shadows Over Innsmouth, World Fantasy Award winning editor Stephen Jones has assembled eleven of today’s most prominent and well-respected horror auth….Read More

7 Books Similar to Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth

The Pleasure of My Company

From Steve Martin, one of our best-loved comedians, a fantastic new novel with an unforgettably weird, original and ultimately engaging character - Daniel Pecan Cambridge. Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, True Crime Television Programs

Shadows Over Innsmouth

Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's classic, today's masters of horror take up their pens and turn once more to that decayed, forsaken New England fishing village with its sparkling treasure,… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Horror

Cryptid Hunters

After their parents are lost in an accident, thirteen-year old twins Grace and Marty are whisked away to live with their Uncle Wolfe-an uncle that they didn't even know they… Continue Reading Posted in: Children's Dinosaur Books, Children's Nature Books, Congo River Valley, Uncles

Batman: The Killing Joke

Alan Moore cemented his reputation for unparalleled storytelling with wildly acclaimed books such as WATCHMEN and V FOR VENDETTA. Here he takes on some of DC's most classic characters, offering… Continue Reading Posted in: Batman (Fictitious Character), Media Tie-In Graphic Novels, Mystery Graphic Novels, United States, Violent Offenders

Shadows Over Baker Street

Sherlock Holmes enters the nightmare world of H.P. Lovecraft,,New Tales of Terror!,,What would happen if Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's peerless detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his allies were to find themselves… Continue Reading Posted in: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

Black Wings of Cthulhu: Tales of Lovecraftian Horror

From the depths of R'lyeh come twenty-one brand-new, utterly terrifying, and thoroughly entertaining short stories of horror and the macabre! ,,Taking their inspiration from works by Lovecraft himself, prominent writers such as… Continue Reading Posted in: Horror, Short Stories

The Madness of Cthulhu Volume Two

​THE MADNESS GROWS,,Recognized as Lovecraft’s masterpiece of terror, At the Mountains of Madness has,​ for decades inspired dread in,​ his readers and sparked the imaginations of the most hallowed practitioners of fantastic fiction. Taking… Continue Reading Posted in: Anthologies, Horror

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