Witch Light


Author: Susan Fletcher

Susan Fletcher tells us the story of an epic historic event, of the difference a single heart can make – and how deep and lasting relationships can come from the most unlikely places…..Read More

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Eve Green

With the death of a mother and the abduction of a young girl, Susan Fletcher has written a vividly beautiful novel about the innocence and terror of childhood.Following the loss… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary Literature & Fiction, Fiction, Missing Children, Parents Death

The Silver Dark Sea

On the island of Parla, some believe in the ancient tale of the Fishman, others believe in nothing. All carry with them the mourning and sadness for what the sea… Continue Reading Posted in: Cultural, Fantasy, Fiction

The Shifting Fog

A rich and engrossing debut novel of love, passion, secrets and lies.,,A compulsively readable, entirely delectable murder mystery and romance set in the upper class environs of Edwardian England.,,Summer 1924:… Continue Reading

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