Child of God

Author: Cormac McCarthy

Lester Ballard, a violent, solitary and introverted young blackwoodsman dispossessed on his ancestral land, is released from jail and allowed to haunt the hill country of East Tennessee, preying on the population with his strange lusts…..Read More

16 Books Similar to Child of God

The Orchard Keeper

The Orchard Keeper' tells of John Wesley Rattner, a young boy, and Marion Sylder, an outlaw and bootlegger who, unbeknownst to either of them, has killed the boy's father. Continue Reading Posted in: Censorship & Politics, Classic Coming of Age Fiction, English Fiction, Psychological Fiction, United States

American Psycho

Patrick Bateman is twenty-six and he works on Wall Street, he is handsome, sophisticated, charming and intelligent. He is also a psychopath. Taking us to head-on collision with America's greatest… Continue Reading Posted in: Psychological Fiction, Satire, United States

Outer Dark

A woman bears her brother's child, a boy, the brother leaves the baby in the woods and tells her he died of natural causes. Discovering her brother's lie, she sets… Continue Reading Posted in: Abandoned Children, English Fiction, United States

The Room

Secluded in his remand cell, a small-time criminal surrenders himself to sadistic fantasies of hatred and revenge. Selby's second novel is a claustrophobic descent into the tormented soul of a… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction In English American Writers 1945 Texts, Prisoners, Psychological Fiction, Psychological Literary Fiction, United States


This compelling novel has as its protagonist Cornelius Suttree, living alone and in exile in a disintegrating houseboat on the wrong side of the Tennessee River close by Knoxville. He… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary Literature & Fiction, Family Saga Fiction, Fiction, Psychology, United States Tennessee River

The Crossing

Detective Harry Bosch has retired from the LAPD, but his half-brother, defense attorney Mickey Haller, needs his help. A woman has been brutally murdered in her bed and all evidence… Continue Reading Posted in: California Los Angeles, Police

Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes: Perestroika Pt 2

Author: Sorry we couldn’t find a book description. Please use the goodreads and/or amazon links on the book page to read more.....Read More Amazon goodreads Review this Book See All… Continue Reading Posted in: English Drama, Homosexuals' Writings, LGBT Demographic Studies, Mormons

The Cave

José Saramago is a master at pacing. Readers unfamiliar with the work of this Portuguese Nobel Prize winner would do well to begin with The Cave, a novel of ideas,… Continue Reading Posted in: Allegories, Humorous Literary Fiction, Metaphysical Fiction, Totalitarianism

The Border Trilogy: All the Pretty Horses, The Crossing, Cities of the Plain

Beginning with All the Pretty Horses and continuing through The Crossing and Cities of the Plain, McCarthy chronicles the lives of two young men coming of age in the Southwest… Continue Reading Posted in: Adventure Stories, American, Coming of Age Fiction, Historical Fiction, North America Mexican American Border Region, Teen & Young Adult Classic Literature

The Feast of the Goat

Haunted all her life by feelings of terror and emptiness, forty-nine-year-old Urania Cabral returns to her native Dominican Republic - and finds herself reliving the events of 1961, when the… Continue Reading Posted in: 1906 2002, Balaguer, History, Joaquã­N, Latin America

All the Pretty Horses

All the Pretty Horses tells of young John Grady Cole, the last of a long line of Texas ranchers. Across the border Mexico beckons—beautiful and desolate, rugged and cruelly civilized.… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, General, Texas, United States


Everything Clarissa Alpert wants, Clarissa Alpert gets.,,Gorgeous, funny, and wildly uninhibited, her exes are a veritable Who's Who of Hollywood power players.,,At twenty-eight (thirty-one), she is blessed with a firm… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Blood Meridian

Blood Meridian is an epic novel of the violence and depravity that attended America's westward expansion, brilliantly subverting the conventions of the Western novel and the mythology of the Wild… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary Literature & Fiction, Fiction In English, Glanton Gang, United States

Haunted (The Mediator, Book 5)

Is it possible to be haunted by someone who isn't even dead?Suze is used to trouble, but this time she's in deep: Ghostly Jesse has her heart, but Paul Slater,… Continue Reading Posted in: Teen & Young Adult Ghost Stories eBooks, Teen & Young Adult Romantic Mystery eBooks

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