Every Anxious Wave

Humorous American Literature

Author: Mo Daviau

Good guy Karl Bender is a thirty-something bar owner whose life lacks love and meaning. When he stumbles upon a time-travelling worm hole in his closet, Karl and his best friend Wayne develop a side business selling access to people who want to travel back in time to listen to their favorite bands. It’s a pretty ingenious plan, until Karl, intending to send Wayne to 1980,….Read More

6 Books Similar to Every Anxious Wave

The Unseen World

The moving story of a daughter’s quest to discover the truth about her beloved father’s hidden pastAda Sibelius is raised by David, her brilliant, eccentric, socially inept single father, who… Continue Reading Posted in: Women's Detective Fiction, Women's Literary Fiction

Into The Abyss

The Demon Weed: Like any normal High School student, Tom Perkinje had pretty much ignored all the BS from the 'Just Say No' crowd when it came to the dangers… Continue Reading Posted in: Epic, Fantasy

The Wanderers

In four years Prime Space will put the first humans on Mars. Helen Kane, Yoshi Tanaka, and Sergei Kuznetsov must prove they’re the crew for the job by spending seventeen… Continue Reading Posted in: Exploration Science Fiction, Family Life Fiction (Books)

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