How Few Remain

Author: Harry Turtledove

This is the second volume in Harry Turtledove’s epic alternative history of the USA, in which the South is victorious in the American Civil War. The story began with The Guns of the South, continues in this volume and goes on in Turtledove’s three great sequences: The Great War, American Empire and Settling Accounts…..Read More

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Komarr could be a garden with a thousand more years' work, or an uninhabitable wasteland if the terraforming fails. Now, the solar mirror vital to the terraforming of the conquered… Continue Reading Posted in: Miles (Fictitious Character), Romance, Science Fiction, Vorkosigan

The Years of Rice and Salt

A vanguard of the Mongol horde rides west across the steppes into an eerily silent world. People lie dead in villages and in the streets of towns. The Black Death… Continue Reading Posted in: Alternate History Science Fiction, Alternative Histories (Fiction), Fiction, Science Fiction Adventures

The Peshawar Lancers

In the mid-1870s, civilization froze in time when comets hit the earth. Instead of advancing technologically, humanity had to piece itself back together. In the 21st century, boats still run… Continue Reading Posted in: Great Britain, Russia (Federation)

The Prince

Here is the world's most famous master plan for seizing and holding power. Astonishing in its candor The Prince even today remains a disturbingly realistic and prophetic work on what… Continue Reading Posted in: Economics, Political Philosophy, Political Science Forms Of Government, U.S. Political Science, War


FREEDOM AND JUSTICE -- AMERICAN STYLE 1632 And in northern Germany things couldn't get much worse. Famine. Disease. Religous war laying waste the cities. Only the aristocrats remained relatively unscathed;… Continue Reading Posted in: Alternative History, Americans Travel, Thirty Years' War (1618 1648), West Virginia

A Hymn Before Battle

With Earth in the path of the rapacious Posleen, the peaceful and frindly races of the Galactic Federation offer their resources to help the backward Terrans- for a price. Humanity… Continue Reading Posted in: Life On Other Planets, Space Warfare

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