Spy Thriller

Author: Ted Bell

“[Hawke is] a secret agent who takes you into the danger zone with a ballsy wit that had me hooked.”,—Vince Flynn,,“Ted Bell puts a capital A in adventure….Commander Bond might choke on his martini next to Bell’s superlative Alex Hawke.”,—Madison County Herald,,Ted Bell’s remarkable literary creation, counterspy Alex Hawke, has been called, “strong, shrewd, and savvy, with an ap….Read More

13 Books Similar to Phantom

Killing Floor

Ex-military policeman Jack Reacher is a drifter. He's just passing through Margrave, Georgia, and in less than an hour, he's arrested for murder. Not much of a welcome. All Jack… Continue Reading


On the border of the United States and Mexico, a war is raging that can never be won by conventional means.,,The drug cartels are rampant. Their victims number in the… Continue Reading Posted in: Action, Audiobook, Thriller

Kill Zone

An American general is captured in the Middle East by terrorists who threaten to behead him. But moments before he is rendered unconscious, the general notices that his captors speak… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Thriller, War

The Chancellor Manuscript

Did J. Edgar Hoover die a natural death - or was he murdered? A top-notch thriller from the No.1 bestselling author Continue Reading Posted in: American, Conspiracies, Novelists, Political Fiction, Suspense Fiction

Assassin (Hawke )

Alex Hawke is back. In this explosive, jaw-tightening follow-up to Ted Bell's 'rich, spellbinding, and absorbing' (Clive Cussler) debut national bestseller, Hawke, fearless intelligence operative Lord Alexander Hawke matches wits… Continue Reading Posted in: Assassination Thrillers (Books), Crime Action & Adventure

Tsar: A Thriller

Swashbuckling counter Spy Alex Hawke returns in New York Times bestselling author Ted Bell's most explosive tale of international suspense to date. There dwells, somewhere in Russia, a man so… Continue Reading Posted in: International Relations, Political Fiction (Books), Political Thrillers (Books), Terrorism Prevention

Die Trying

A Chicago street in bright sunshine. Jack Reacher, strolling nowhere, meets an attractive young woman, limping, struggling with her crutches, alone. Naturally he stops to offer her a steadying arm… Continue Reading Posted in: Military Thrillers (Kindle Store), Montana, Suspense Fiction, United States. Federal Bureau Of Investigation, Vigilante Justice Thrillers

Spy (Hawke (Atria Hardcover))

In this relentlessly paced tale of international suspense, intrepid MI-6 intelligence officer Alex Hawke confronts an evil like no other. Terror looms as a madman works his dark magic in… Continue Reading Posted in: Alex (Fictitious Character), Hawke, Intelligence Officers, Military Training Camps, Political Thrillers & Suspense, Terrorism Thrillers (Books)

Requiem for an Assassin

Hunted and finally cornered, John Rain faces his deadliest enemy ever: himself.For Rain, 'the most charismatic assassin since James Bond' (San Francisco Chronicle), getting out of the life was never… Continue Reading Posted in: Assassination Thrillers (Books), Assassination Thrillers (Kindle Store), Intelligence Officers, Murder For Hire, Suspense Fiction


Intrepid British intelligence operative Alex Hawke must thwart a secret, deadly alliance between China and France before they annihilate everyone and everything in their headlong rush toward world domination. Continue Reading Posted in: Hawker Airplanes, Political Thrillers & Suspense, Prevention, Suspense Fiction, Terrorism Thrillers (Books)

Dragon Fire

Alex Hawke, British lord and gentleman spy, is looking for the Queen's missing grandson, whose disappearance may be the culmination of a plot almost a century old in this breathtaking… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Spy Thriller, Thriller


The Cold War is over, but Russia's arsenal of nuclear weapons is still in place. And when an emissary from an international terrorist group makes a disaffected Russian minister an… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Great Britain. Special Operations Executive, Military Thrillers (Kindle Store), Spy Stories, Terrorism Thrillers (Kindle Store)

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