The Rum Diary

Author: Hunter S. Thompson

Paul Kemp has moved from New York to the steamy heat of Puerto Rico to work at the Daily News. He starts hanging out at Al’s Backyard, a local den selling booze and hamburgers to vagrant journalists who are mostly crazy drunks on the verge of quitting. Then he meets Yeamon, whose delectable girlfriend has Kemp stewing in his own lust. But the idle tension that builds up in….Read More

13 Books Similar to The Rum Diary

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72

The best, the fastest, the hippest and the most unorthodox account ever published of the US presidential electoral process in all its madness and corruption. In 1972 Hunter S. Thompson,… Continue Reading Posted in: Elections, History, Political Campaigns

Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompson

Few American lives are stranger, more action-packed, or wilder than that of Hunter S. Thompson. Born a rebel in Louisville, Kentucky, Thompson spent a lifetime channeling his energy and insight… Continue Reading Posted in: Biography, Rich & Famous Biographies, Suicide, United States

The Great Shark Hunt

America, with all its warts, lies naked under the laser-like scrutiny of legendary outlaw journalist and brilliant reporter Hunter S. Thompson. Fearlessly, he hurls himself into each assignment, gouges out… Continue Reading Posted in: Popular Culture, Social History

On the Road

A quintessential novel of America & the Beat Generation On the Road chronicles Jack Kerouac's years traveling the N. American continent with his friend Neal Cassady, "a sideburned hero of… Continue Reading Posted in: 1900, Bibliography, United States

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is the best chronicle of drug-soaked, addle-brained, rollicking good times ever committed to the printed page. It is also the tale of a long… Continue Reading Posted in: Author Biographies, Biography, Journalists, Social History, Western U.S. Biographies

Better Than Sex: Confessions of a Political Junkie Trapped Like a Rat in MR Bill’s

This is the saga of what happens to campaign junkies behind the scenes of a victorious American presidential campaign. The book follows their orgies, their despair, and finally their terror… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Political Science, Politics And Government, Public Policy, State & Local Government

Ham on Rye

Follows the path of the author's alter-ego Henry Chinaski through the high school years of acne and rejection and into the beginning of a long and successful career in alcoholism.… Continue Reading Posted in: Autobiographical Fiction, Manners And Customs, Teenage Boys

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead: The Dirty Life and Times of Warren Zevon

When Warren Zevon died in 2003, he left behind both a fanatical cult following and a rich catalog of dark, witty rock-n-roll classics that includes "Lawyers, Guns, and Money," "Excitable… Continue Reading Posted in: Actor & Entertainer Biographies, Rock Music, United States

The Curse of Lono

A wild ride to the dark side of Americana The Curse of Lono is to Hawaii what Fear and Loathing was to Las Vegas: the crazy tales of a journalist's… Continue Reading Posted in: Biography, Description And Travel, United States

Post Office

Henry Chinaski is a low life loser with a hand-to-mouth existence. His menial Post Office day job supports a life of beer, one-night stands and racetracks. Lurid, uncompromising and hilarious,… Continue Reading Posted in: Letter Carriers, Man Woman Relationships


Hunter S. Thompson's legions of fans have waited a decade for this book. They will not be disappointed. His notorious Screwjack is as salacious, unsettling, and brutally lyrical as it… Continue Reading Posted in: American Literature, Fiction, Short Stories

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