The Way of All Flesh

Author: Samuel Butler

Samuel Butler was one of the Victorian era’s greatest iconoclasts. Once, he said that after reading Darwin’s “The Origin of Species,” that the theory of evolution had replaced Christianity for him. And this — after Butler had originally studied for the clergy. Darwin also praised Butler for his clear understanding of Darwin’s scientific work, as expressed in a series of p….Read More

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The Secret Sharer and Other Stories

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Sister Carrie

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Adam Bede

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The Happy Prince and Other Stories

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Appointment in Samarra

O’Hara did for fictional Gibbsville, Pennsylvania what Faulkner did for Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi: surveyed its social life and drew its psychic outlines, but he did it in utterly worldly terms,… Continue Reading Posted in: Electronic Books, Fiction, Political Economy, Political Reference, Suicide Victims

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