When the Bough Breaks

Silent Partner: An Alex Delaware Novel

Author: Jonathan Kellerman

Dr. Morton Handler practiced a strange brand of psychiatry. Among his specialties were fraud, extortion, and sexual manipulation. Handler paid for his sins when he was brutally murdered in his luxurious apartment. The police have no leads, but they do have one possible witness: seven-year-old Melody Quinn. It’s psychologist Alex Delaware’s job to try to unlock the terrible….Read More

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Blood Test

A crisp clean softcover, no markings throughout:nnOne of Kellerman's novels combining detective fiction and psychological suspense. Dr Alex Delaware, child psychologist, burned out in his mid-30s and in semi-retirement in… Continue Reading Posted in: American Literature (Kindle Store), Detective And Mystery Stories, Milo (Fictitious Character), Mysteries (Kindle Store), Mystery Fiction, Sturgis

The Devil’s Waltz

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Blue Genes

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Unfit to Practice

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Compulsion: An Alex Delaware Novel (Jonathan Kellerman)

Once again, the depths of the criminal mind and the darkest side of a glittering city fuel #1 New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman’s brilliant storytelling. And no one… Continue Reading Posted in: Milo (Fictitious Character), Psychological Fiction (Books), Psychological Fiction (Kindle Store), Serial Murder Investigation, Sturgis, Women Crimes Against

The Kills

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Crossed Bones

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The Murder Book

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Private Eyes

Psychologist Alex Delaware has always looked on Melissa Dickinson as one of his greatest triumphs. A terrified, tormented seven-year-old when she first appeared in his surgery, Melissa after two years… Continue Reading Posted in: Child Psychologists, Detective And Mystery Stories, Mystery Fiction, Private Investigator Mysteries (Kindle Store), Psychological Fiction (Kindle Store)

Hide and Seek

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A Cold Heart

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Dr Death (Alex Delaware Novels )

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Time Bomb

Edgar Award winner Jonathan Kellerman once more explores the corruption of California's golden coast and produces a novel of complex characterizations and nonstop suspense. By the time psychologist Dr. Alex… Continue Reading Posted in: Child Psychologists, Suspense (Kindle Store), Suspense Fiction, Suspense Thrillers, United States

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