Six Stories


Author: Matt Wesolowski

1997. Scarclaw Fell. The body of teenager Tom Jeffries is found at an Outward Bound center. Verdict? Misadventure. But not everyone is convinced. And the truth of what happened in the beautiful but eerie fell is locked in the memories of the tight-knit group of friends who embarked on that fateful trip, and the flimsy testimony of those living nearby. 2017. Enter elusive i….Read More

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History is on repeat, and things didn't go so well the last time.Alexandria isn't sure she's going to make it to her eighteenth birthday--to her Awakening. A long-forgotten, fanatical order… Continue Reading Posted in: Paranormal Fiction, Young Adult Fiction

Beast (Windsor Selections S )

Author: Sorry we couldn’t find a book description. Please use the goodreads and/or amazon links on the book page to read more.....Read More Amazon goodreads Review this Book See All… Continue Reading Posted in: Contemporary Literature & Fiction, Suspense Thrillers


When Morgan receives a shocking revelation about her family, she's thrown into a moral tailspin, believing that her essential nature is evil. Is her dark heritage too powerful to overcome? Continue Reading Posted in: High School Students, Morgan (Fictitious Character : Tiernan), Teenagers

The White People

It was winter time, and there were black terrible woods hanging from the hills all round; it was like seeing a large room hung with black curtains, and the shape… Continue Reading Posted in: Fantasy, Horror, Short Stories

Smoke Screen

New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown returns with a tale of corruption and betrayal, revenge and reversal - where friends become foes, and heroes become criminals in the ultimate… Continue Reading Posted in: Crimes Against, Murder, Private Investigator Mysteries (Books), Suspense Fiction, Women Journalists

The Wicked King

You must be strong enough to strike and strike and strike again without tiring.The first lesson is to make yourself strong.After the jaw-dropping revelation that Oak is the heir to… Continue Reading Posted in: Death, Fantasy & Horror, Subjects

Emma in the Night

From the bestselling author of All Is Not Forgotten comes a thriller about two missing sisters, a twisted family, and what happens when one girl comes back...One night three years… Continue Reading Posted in: Crime, Sisters, Thrillers & Suspense

Night Film

On a damp October night, 24-year-old Ashley Cordova is found dead in an abandoned warehouse in lower Manhattan. Though her death is ruled a suicide, veteran investigative journalist Scott McGrath… Continue Reading Posted in: New York (State) New York, Suicide

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