How To Be a Good Wife


Author: Emma Chapman

Marta and Hector have been married for a long time. Through the good and bad; through raising a son and sending him off to life after university. So long, in fact, that Marta finds it difficult to remember her life before Hector. He has always taken care of her, and she has always done everything she can to be a good wife—as advised by a dog-eared manual given to her by He….Read More

10 Books Similar to How To Be a Good Wife

The Three

Four simultaneous plane crashes. Three child survivors. A religious fanatic who insists the three are harbingers of the apocalypse. What if he's right?The world is stunned when four commuter planes… Continue Reading Posted in: Dystopian, Psychological Thrillers, Science Fiction

The Lost Daughter

An unsolved murder. A missing child. A lifetime of deception. In 1977, pregnant Genevieve Russell disappeared. Twenty years later, her remains are discovered and Timothy Gleason is charged with murder.… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Pregnant Women

Y: The Last Man, Vol. 1: Unmanned

"Y" is none other than unemployed escape artist Yorick Brown (his father was a Shakespeare buff), and he's seemingly the only male human left alive after a mysterious plague kills… Continue Reading Posted in: Etc.), Graphic Novels, Heroes, Science Fiction Comic Books, Strips

The Painter of Signs

In this wry, funny, bittersweet story, love gets in the way of progress when Raman, a sign painter, meets the thrillingly independent Daisy, who wishes to bring birth control to… Continue Reading Posted in: Indic Fiction (English), Love Stories, Psychological Fiction

A Time of Omens

In the fifth novel of the Deverry series, the kingdom of Deverry is left behind and strange lands to the west, beyond the elven territories are explored. The story delves… Continue Reading Posted in: Fantasy, Fiction


Alex and Leslie Twisden told each other they would do anything to have children. The price didn’t matter. But the experimental procedure they found had costs they couldn’t foresee.Adam and… Continue Reading Posted in: Horror Tales, Novel

Falling Slowly

Anita Brookner has no illusions about desire--or illusion--yet she is well aware of their unrelenting power. In her 18th novel, Falling Slowly, two sisters lead lives of quiet but no… Continue Reading Posted in: European Literature, Fiction, Literary Fiction


A SPARKLING AND SEXY TALE OF GLAMOUR MODELING, ROMANCE AND THE TREACHEROUS PROMISES OF FAME.When Angel is discovered by a model agent, her life changes for ever. Young, beautiful and… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Models (Persons)

An Unwanted Guest

A weekend retreat at a cozy mountain lodge is supposed to be the perfect getaway . . . but when the storm hits, no one is getting awayIt's winter in… Continue Reading Posted in: Crime, Murder, Women's Crime Fiction, Women's Detective Fiction, Women's Fiction

Lock Every Door

No visitors. No nights spent away from the apartment. No disturbing the other residents, all of whom are rich or famous or both. These are the only rules for Jules… Continue Reading

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