The Awkward Age


Author: Henry James

Making her debut in London society, Nanda Brookenham is being groomed for the marriage market. Thrust suddenly into the superficial circle that surrounds her mother, the innocent but independent-minded young woman even finds herself in competition with Mrs Brookenham for the affection of the man she admires. Only an elderly bachelor, Mr Longdon, is immune to this world of….Read More

17 Books Similar to The Awkward Age

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets and Other Tales of New York

"A powerful, severe, and harshly comic portrayal of Irish immigrant life in lower New York exactly a century ago."—Alfred Kazin.,,,Although fellow novelists William Dean Howells and Hamlin Garland immediately recognized… Continue Reading Posted in: Classics, Fiction, Short Stories

Selected Essays

Ralph Waldo Emerson believed that an appreciation of its vast natural resources would become the foundation of American culture. His assertion that human thought and actions proceed from nature, was… Continue Reading Posted in: Classics, Philosophy, Writing

Night and Day

Katharine Hilbery is beautiful and privileged, but uncertain of her future. She must choose between becoming engaged to the oddly prosaic poet William Rodney, and her dangerous attraction to the… Continue Reading Posted in: Domestic Fiction, Family Relationships, Poets Family Relationships

Invitation to the Game

It's the future, and most jobs are done by machines. Now that school is over, Lisse and her friends are consigned to a bleak neighborhood for the permanently unemployed. Then… Continue Reading Posted in: Science Fiction, Young Adult

The Spoils of Poynton

Preparing to marry, Owen Gereth asks his widowed mother to move out of the family manse, leaving its glorious objects to him and his bride. Mrs Gereth disapproves of her… Continue Reading Posted in: Classics, Fiction, Literature

Selected Poems

The author of Treasure Island and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is known all over the world as a master storyteller, yet his achievements as a poet have been strangely… Continue Reading Posted in: Classics, Poetry

Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber

In June 2017, Travis Kalanick, the hard-charging CEO of Uber, was ousted in a boardroom coup that capped a brutal year for the transportation giant. Uber had catapulted to the… Continue Reading Posted in: Business Culture, Engineering & Transportation, Social Aspects of Technology, Technology, Transportation Industry

A Russian Journal

Just after the iron curtain fell on Eastern Europe John Steinbeck and acclaimed war photographer, Robert Capa ventured into the Soviet Union to report for the New York Herald Tribune.… Continue Reading Posted in: Cultural, Nonfiction, Travel

The Europeans

Set in the countryside around Boston in the mid-nineteenth century "The Europeans" is concerned with the effect of Old World experience on new World innocence.,,Feckless, charming Felix and his sister… Continue Reading Posted in: Classics, Fiction, Literature

Men at Arms

Guy Crouchback, determined to get into the war, takes a commission in the Royal Corps of Halberdiers. His spirits high, he sees all the trimmings but none of the action.… Continue Reading Posted in: Classics, Fiction, War

Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer

A perfect murder,A faceless witness,A lone courtroom champion knows the whole truth . . . and he’s only thirteen years old,Meet Theodore Boone,,In the small city of Strattenburg, there are… Continue Reading Posted in: Fiction, Mystery, Young Adult

The American

At thirty-three, Ryan Kealey has achieved more in his military and CIA career than most men can dream of in a lifetime. He's also seen the worst life has to… Continue Reading Posted in: Assassination Thrillers (Kindle Store), Political Thrillers & Suspense

The Ambassadors

Lambert Strether is sent by his wealthy fiancee, Mrs Newsome, to Paris to bring home her son Chad who is required to take charge of the family business. When Strether… Continue Reading Posted in: 1843 1916, American Fiction, Americans, Classic Literary Fiction, Henry), James, Literary Fiction

The Bostonians

Published in 1886, The Bostonians begins with the arrival in Boston of Basil Ransom, a young Mississippi lawyer in search of a career. Through his cousin, Olive Chancellor, Ransom comes… Continue Reading

New Grub Street

In New Grub Street George Gissing re-created a microcosm of London's literary society as he had experienced it. His novel is at once a major social document and a story… Continue Reading Posted in: Classics, Fiction, Historical

The Good Soldier

When John Dowell and his wife befriend Edward and Leonora Ashburnham they appear to be the perfect couple. He is a distinguished soldier and she is beautiful and intelligent. However,… Continue Reading Posted in: Classics, Fiction, Literature


An epic rendition of the imperial experience in India, and perhaps his greatest long work, the Penguin Classics edition of Rudyard Kipling's Kim is edited with an introduction by Harish… Continue Reading Posted in: Classics, Cultural, Fiction

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